Fully secure, private, and with full control

Secure: In Your Cloud

We deploy our entire stack in your own or a separate gov-cloud that is compliant with SOC2 policies.

Smart: On Your Data

We automatically chunk and embed all your data so Mano has knowledge of everything you store in Confluence, Sharepoint, or Dropbox.

Sighted: Admin Control

Mano computes a score for each one of your employees to determine if LLMs are actually helping them. You can track their usage and how its pushing your KPIs.

What sets us apart from the competition.

We know there are a lot of Chrome Plugins, here's why we're the best

Enterprise Grade

All the enterprise features with startup speed

Multi-LLM Support

We let your organization use a single interface and support any open-source or off-the-shelve LLM.

Second Source of Truth

We maintain a synced data source of your enterprise data so you don't have to maintain any data lakes.

Managed Embeddings

Don't worry about chunking, embedding, or syncing your documents. We take care of all it for you.

Cutting Edge Research

We are advised by PhD student at top research labs Stanford, ensuring you get the new tech in your organization

Mano is your LLM team on-demand

Get a fully-internal chat interface with admin control, employee usage metrics, and secure access to your internal docs.

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