We are thrilled to announce our partnership with GigaML to bring fine tuned LLMs to enterprise.

Own your intelligence

Use LLMs into your business with zero-risk and full ownership. data integrations, vectorize, and query all your data with all the access controls you need.


One Data Warehouse

Your data is your primary asset so make sure it never leaves your cloud. We deploy directly onto your cloud or host a bastion cloud so you remain fully compliant and risk-free.


Many Applications

You can't afford a product for every single application. Give Mano access to your data once and get almost every application you need. We support Enterprise Search, Conversational Q&A, Support Chatbots, and much more.


Fine-tuned Models

We are LLM agnostic and fine-tuned LLMs on your data and usage. This means you choose own your intelligence and  differentiate against competitors that relay on OpenAI.


Terabyte Scale

Have TB's of data? Have 15 different sources? Not a problem, with can access any data source and only reference the data that you need, when you need it.

Features guaranteed to save you time

Mano is packed with powerful features to help you streamline your task list and boost your productivity.

Custom chunking algorithms

Our models your documents and appropriately determine chunking algorith.

Fine-tuned Models

Ever single model used is fine-tuned and self-hosted. That means you are fully secure and customizable.

Updates and Real-time Sync

Maintain "Second Source of Truth" by updating only your modified embeddings.

Enterprise Access Controls

Retain all the access controls and safety to make sure your employees have adequate access.

We are in good company

Valentin Perez
Founder - Studio.com
"'Mano has transformed how easily we can access our data. In our specific use case, we can access information from all of our video transcripts of our thousands of hours of video classes, finding what we need in moments, not hours. A game-changer for efficiency and creativity. We're excited about all the applications for both our internal team and our end users."
Saunon Malekshahi
CTO - Moonware
We've been using Mano for 3 months and it has completely transformed the way we work. We've streamlined LLMs into our company culture to a degree that now feels seamless. It abstracts away a lot of the mundane tasks that used to take cognitive effort. Document extraction has never been easier with Mano's on prem solution
Daniel Lobaton
Software - Microsoft
Mano's enterprise version has revolutionized the way I build systems. With Mano's integration with our internal documents, I am able to run through a first pass design review that helps me refine my architecture before my team reviews. Thanks to Mano, I am able to ship at least 2x faster.